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Feng Huang Shan Wai shan:10 for green organic planting
Only a good single cup
Lead: Wu Dongshan, Phoenix Town Guangdong Oolong Tea historical origin of the second peak, 1391 meters above sea level, is a kind of all kinds of single bundle assembly of tea. Chaozhou city of Phoenix with cloud ecological tea Tea Co. Ltd is located in Wu Dongshan mountain.
Wen and Yu, founder of Phoenix Shanwaishan brand, founder of Chaozhou city with cloud Tea Co. Ltd. From the age of twelve and three, single - bush tea was planted in the family, and he was 45 years old this year. According to his words, the Phoenix man at his age has witnessed nearly thirty years of development of single cluster tea industry from "no" to "thriving".
Wu Dongshan mountain green organic tea has the "innate" conditions (small)
Wu Dongshan perennial misty clouds, warm air.

 Text and Yu told the author, in the case of adequate water, the formation of photosynthesis of tea tree compound condensation difficult, difficult to form cellulose, tea leaves can be kept fresh for a long period of raw not coarse. At the same time, plenty of rain on the mountain can promote the nitrogen metabolism of tea plant, so that the total nitrogen in fresh leaves and fog beads increased, the red and yellow light in seven-color light is strengthened, and red and yellow light is conducive to improving the chlorophyll in tea and Amino acid content, but also can effectively enhance the tenderness of tea, color and taste.
Due to the high altitude, the annual average temperature of tea plantations is 18 degrees Celsius, and the content of all kinds of aromatic substances in tea leaves is also raised.