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Feng Xi Village Da An Ji Ma Hu in Feng Huang Town, Chaozhou City




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Chaozhou is the historical producing area and main producing area of ​​Guangdong Wu Long Tea and also the main inheritance area of ​​Gongfu tea culture in our country. Feng Huang Shan is the country of origin of the national tea tree variety Feng Huang Narcissus and is also the hometown of China's Wu Long Tea (famous tea).

ChaoZhou Chaoan District Phoenix Shan Wai Shan tea professional cooperative is a large enterprise with kilometer-high mountain tea garden in our city. The park is located at 900-1100 meters above sea level, is a gathering of single fir species. Here perennial clouds ethereal, humid air, sunshine time is short, the night temperature difference, with an average annual temperature of about 18 ℃. Is conducive to the accumulation and preservation of tea polyphenols and aromatic oils and other substances. The rich acidic soil and trace elements of the weak acid red loam in the park have created the high quality of the tea, especially the unique "mountain charm" of the single fir tea.
The main piece of tea far away from residential areas, ecological environment independent, safe, pollution-free. The enterprises set up soil testing and fertilization and pest control team of professionals to build Phoenix tea with large-scale three-dimensional green control system of high mountain tea plantations. Alpine tea plantations only spring season, growing in the cold season, without the use of pesticides to ensure that the products of green, natural, high quality. The implementation of large-scale cultivation of tea plantations, standardized production, commercialization, branded sales (Phoenix Mountain Outer Mountain licensing, Yunshanzhuang licensing), industrial management.
Feng Huang Shan Wai Shan, inspired by Feng Huang's Dancong tea culture, was appraised as a state-level intangible cultural heritage and will step by step promote the tea culture in China and inherit the essence of Dancong tea. Feng Huang Shan Wai Shan "to create the loudest brand of single fir tea. Invite the world of tea who visit the guide!