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The rapid development in the past 10 years China tea industry, initially formed a batch of tea brands, most tea enterprises still remain in the so-called franchise wholesale trade, for the brand of "soft factors, namely the terminal management system, enterprise culture and training do not pay attention, weak brand awareness, lack of innovation, blindly imitation, there is no unified sense of brand image; Shanwaishan research focused on single store profit model, to promote the brand recognition system standards and a strong team in support of terminal operations, and strive to achieve" full support, common development".
At present, many tea enterprises operating in a single category, the development of regional stores operating bottleneck, unable to meet the demand of the terminal stores each category, Shanwaishan positioning whole category of healthy tea, adhere to the "product category diversification, fine, regional differences in the R & D strategy, for investors and consumers
Highly recognized, along with the rapid development of tea market and consumers' demand for products diversification and personalization, the development concept based on tea instead of tea will enable enterprises and branches to gain more market share and increase market share.



In the enterprise internal management and human resource management, the establishment of a comprehensive quality management system; eleven years to explore the formation of a "strategic planning, R & D and production, planning design, operational guidance, logistics, customer service service" more than one cycle of a powerful and orderly chain operations headquarters; staff training and development management skills and professional skills, better to carry out the standardization of the service system, to ensure the unity of the software and hardware stores nationwide.
The store's competition is the competition of talents, especially the competition of tea shops, a tea under the tutelage of recruitment, training, appointment needs a long time training, tea division younger, special liquidity is also in this industry, the stability of talents is very important to store operations. Mountain tea, Shanwaishan invested heavily in the establishment of leading industry, tea industry gathered hundreds of excellent foreign trainers and nanny to support the store operations, become the core advantage of the tea industry chain brand absolute leader.